The writer’s current and future WIPs for 2013:

Pandora Soul Series
A fantasy series about a young girl who discovers her first lie as a child has set the world on a spiraling path toward an apocalyptic end. She must find a way to right her wrongs and save the ones she loves. This is a working synapsis. I don’t want to put much detail here until I’m done plotting, so this contains very little of the actual storyline.

The Secret Life of Characters
A fiction story, genre still to be determined, about a writer and his son who are torn apart after the boy begins identifying his father’s childhood imaginary friend as a real being. It has trilogy potential, and varies widely between dark and comical. It explores the creative process of writing, society’s fear of the things they cannot see, and the relationships that bind us all together.

Pirate Captain Challon vs the Zombie Apocalypse. (Obviously a working title.)
Fellow Wrimo Icarus Niles Kenry and I are going to be working on a collaborated project involving zombies and pirates. Details are very sketchy at this point, involving only an apocalyptic Steampunk setting with a pirate captain named Viktor Challon.