Wall of Happy

The Wall of Happy is a a place for me to store some of my favorite comments that I’ve received about the works I’ve written and shared with others. It’s not so much for you, the reader, as it is for me. A safe place to crawl back to and stare at when the criticism of my current WIP gets rough.

*Note* Since I want this to be my happy place, I removed a little snippet here or there that indicated I needed to edit this, or smooth out that. If you want to read the full comments, please do. You can find me on Scribophile under the pen name Amelia Lynn.

You have done a brilliant job.  It reads really well and is just as engaging to me reading it again, even though I know what happens this time around.  I love the bit you have added at the beginning, I am really intrigued by this story now! You are really talented.” – Sarah BGoode, Pandora Soul, Part I: Prologue