The Writer

My name is Amelia Lynn, though you may know me as Pandy or PandoraSoul. I am said to have been born in early 1987, but my brothers bore witness to my abandonment by the mother ship into the dumpster down the road. They would have collected me from the rooftop by now, if only I were not so terribly terrified of heights.

I have had a passion for writing since the age of eight, with my first novel written in full at the age of nine. I hopes to one day revise said novel, if only for blog material. I have aspirations of becoming a published author, butĀ  am patiently honing my craft and story before swimming into the shark infested waters of the query letter.

I have a loving mother I care for, and two older brothers I love, though at one point I was said to have three. The man who was once labeled as “father” is now known as “that bastard”, and has been novel killed in every draft I have written since my early teens. (I hope this will become a trade mark in my published works in the future: Death to the character known as Charles.) The love of my life is a fictional character of her own designing. Or possibly dead at a tragically early age before we could encounter each other. My cat is my unsung muse.

I am an avid member of NaNoWriMo. Officially participating since 2011, unofficially since 2009, I hail from the mighty region of Alabama: Elsewhere under the eternally entertaining rule of Cosmam and Echo. I have thus far remained victorious in my battle against plot bunnies and bubbles of distraction, crossing the 50k finish line with various numbers for four years running.

While my works have included poetry, romance, and scifi, I write primarily within the fantasy genre. More specifically, I enjoy reading and writing dark, gory, heavy themed fantasy filled with themes that question the morally gray areas of the modern or dystopian worlds. If I were to have to pick any other genre, I’d pick romance. I love romance. Love, love, love.

My interests, other than writing and reading, revolve primarily around manga, anime, and music videos, though I suppose manga counts as reading, of sorts. I am always drawn to any creative project, but possess very little talent in any other fields. I aspire to learn Japanese, and has a lifelong dream of eventually developing a knack for drawing, though I will be the first to admit that this is a pipe dream. Should both aspirations remarkably become realities, however, I would like to become a mangaka.