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Success as I Know It

When I was around Micah’s age, I was really into this series of writing books called The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing. They were amazing books that I have since, sadly, lost. The workbook wasn’t the best thing for me, … Continue reading

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Morning Pages

As of today, I’m starting this thing called The Morning Pages. You may have heard of them. If you haven’t, Here, Here, and Here are a few links to get you started. They’ve been floating around a while. I’ve actually … Continue reading

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My “Next Big Thing”

As I was struggling to decide on today’s blog post topic, my friend Icarus Niles Kenry from Musings of a Nameless Dream3r tagged me to do a blog on my “Next Big Thing”. The rules of the blog hop are … Continue reading

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Phase Writing

Over the course of December I’ve been trying out a writing style that I came across during NaNoWriMo and instantly fell in love with. It’s called the Phase System, created by Lazette Gifford. While I haven’t gotten far enough along … Continue reading

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Post NaNo 2012

You know you’re a Wrimo when your household wakes November 1st to the greetings of “Happy NaNoWriMo” and it wakes December 1st to greetings of “Happy not NaNoWriMo!” As this blog was born on the eve of NaNo’s yearly farewell, … Continue reading

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