Morning Pages

As of today, I’m starting this thing called The Morning Pages. You may have heard of them. If you haven’t, Here, Here, and Here are a few links to get you started. They’ve been floating around a while. I’ve actually considered doing this for over a year, but I never really set time aside for it.

This year, however, one of my resolutions was to do writing practice each morning. That didn’t work out. I hated writing with prompts. Yes, I want to hone my craft. No, I didn’t feel they helped me do it. Writing something on a vague topic for fifteen minutes left me more frustrated, mostly because very few of my ideas fit into a fifteen minute blurb.

On my quest to find an alternate writing practice, I stumbled across the Morning Pages again. Granted, Morning Pages have very little in common with writing prompts. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they are approximately the same length (though Morning Pages appear to take longer). The reason I decided to replace my former goal with this one is because I realized that, at the end of the day, Morning Pages could be considerably more useful to me, given the extreme amount of stress I am usually under.

So I’m going to do an experiment with the Morning Pages to see if they are helpful to me or not. I will write my Morning Pages in the morning, as soon as I wake, for one week (starting today). Then I will write my Morning Pages as soon as I get off work, again, for one week. At the end, I will evaluate which, if either, was most helpful to me, and blog about it.

I wrote them this morning, and the results were fairly satisfying. I’m still extremely stressed (having spent two and a half hours working the bills), but I did enjoy a brief reprieve from it all while writing. It was a rather relaxing way to wake. Not only that, I actually woke up. Normally it takes me a half an hour to snap out of sleep, or lack thereof. Today, I woke up smoothly as I jotted down random thoughts.

That being said, I think reading would do basically the same thing for me. I used to wake up instantly when I started reading a book. Then I got too lazy, or maybe stressed, to do anything but sit there and work at problems that had no solutions. Since I intend to read either as soon as I get off work or as soon as I wake (depending on which Morning Pages routine sticks), I will be able to discover which does better at what by the end of the month.


*Note* A writing buddy of mine will also be experimenting and blogging when the two weeks ends. I believe she intends to write them in the late evening, as she sleeps last most days. Feel free to check out her blog on the subject as well.

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3 Responses to Morning Pages

  1. Interesting. So, it’s basically like morning journaling, without the requirement of it being reflective or even coherent?

    I think my biggest problems with it would be: 1) That it’s in the mornings (I am already starting to get up earlier to add things before work – I’m not sure I want to push it even more), and 2) That it’s hand written.

    The latter is less of a big deal, but I don’t unhook my filter and spew words as well with a pen. I don’t hand-write nearly as fast as my thoughts, so in the time it takes me to write a sentence, a single thought, I can already have backtracked, re-evaluated, and had 2-3 more. I am conditioned to open up like that more on the computer, I guess.

    I’m tempted to try it, but am unsure if I can focus on another habit, much though I would like to (of course, for me it would be neither morning nor pages, but eh).

    • rcwrimo says:

      Writiing it by hand is supposedly better for you because you have more time to think and feel between sentences. I’m not a huge fan of it. I hand wrote today, and it was fine because I wake up a little bit sluggish, but I intend to eventually switch to Same premise. Different method. 🙂

      I actually meant to mention that, but I got distracted by another idea and wrapped the post up quickly. O_O I do that sometimes.

      • I think I completely misunderstood what 750words was when I first heard about it. I thought it was supposed to be *writing*, as in fiction, not just random thoughts or whatever.

        That I might do. I signed up, anyhow, and may add it as a goal in GoalForIt.

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