Yay! New Beginnings!

In case you can’t see the sarcasm just pouring down from that title, that was sarcasm. Now you know.

I posted about this years goals, only to have it somehow delete itself. This was going to be a recreation of said post, but I’ve decided to take it as a sign and start from scratch. Besides, I’ve already changed some of those goals.

Yes. I’m THAT fickle.

The year is off to a rocky start, via a series of unfortunate events. I’ve changed my netbook’s OS twice since December 31st. My blog murdered my first set of resolutions on the night of the 1st. I hurt my wrist sometime between yesterday and today which is killing my writing on a level I don’t even want to consider. My workplace changed my schedule to one outside of my availability, thus resulting in me walking to work at least once a week. Also, I haven’t hit enough points on my goal tracker to earn myself some soda pop. Not that I can afford it until Friday, but coffee gets old fast, and tea is hard to make at work. All in all, 2013 is kicking my ass.

On the flip side, I’ve found an OS I like, I remembered to save this post to scrivener instead of doing a straight upload, and I’m learning what a pain it is (no pun intended) to do everything my mother does with a brace on, I’m finding interesting inspirations as I walk the frost off my nose, and I’m weening down the amount of sugar I need in my coffee to drink it. Apparently 2013 is going to be the year of life lessons. Why not? I’ll use it as writing fodder.

I’m not going to post most of my personal and writing resolutions here. If you want to read my resolutions, view the tab above that says Resolutions. It’s right next WIPs. Note that it may not be there yet. My hand is jacked up and I am moving slower on my various projects than usual.

Blog wise, I am (currently) resolving to publish blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday. If I get a serious surplus of posts in my draft folder, or if a time sensitive post comes up, I may update more often on occasion. At least one of the posts will be writing related each week. Tips. Tricks. Things I’ve picked up along the path to authorship. Things that tick me off about other writers.

Words and stuff.


*The Author waives left-handedly and wanders off to ice her hand*

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3 Responses to Yay! New Beginnings!

  1. Did you know that pages can’t have comments? I guess it’s not *too* surprising, but I often have something to say, and having your list of goals on a page means that I have to come here to comment.

    You are the second person I know that has recommended GoalForIt. I signed up, but didn’t really check anything out. I think I shall more in-depth now. I have goals – sometimes very loose goals, but goals nonetheless, and having a way to track them would be nice. Looks like I have a morning project!

    • rcwrimo says:

      X_X Actually, they can have comments but I disabled them. I’ll go enable it for the Goal one, since that’s a page I don’t mind comments on, and intend to change frequently.

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