I meant to post this yesterday, but due to resetting my OS, it remained stuffed in my draft file until I could return to the net. I’ve decided to post it despite having 2 posts scheduled for today. My apologize in advance for the flood you will receive today.

Rather than resolve to do a ton of large things like I resolved last year, I’ve decided to make small goals. Goals that I intend to alter monthly, weekly, or even daily as the case may be. Permanent goals. I don’t want to set myself up for next year. I want to set myself up for life.

So to kick things off, I started using GoalForIt. It’s not so much a writing tracker as a wonderful goal tracker that takes me back to my simple childhood. In other words, I do good, I get a star! Yay me!

GoalForIt allowed me to create private, daily goal sheets that allow me to track both my writing and personal life. It allows me to set up a reward system with which I can earn points for daily accomplishments. Did I write? Yes. +1 point toward that book I want.

It also allowed me to create more public long term goals with smaller steps that I can mark as having worked toward, not touched, went backwards on, or completed outright. I created one for every WIP I want to mess with this year, allowing people to track my progress, thus keeping me focused.

It’s a great program for vague goal plotting, which is what I want. Why? Because I’ve thrown out my spreadsheet and turned off my wordcount trackers. I want something simple this year. Did I work toward my goals? Yes? Star!

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