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Success as I Know It

When I was around Micah’s age, I was really into this series of writing books called The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing. They were amazing books that I have since, sadly, lost. The workbook wasn’t the best thing for me, … Continue reading

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Morning Pages

As of today, I’m starting this thing called The Morning Pages. You may have heard of them. If you haven’t, Here, Here, and Here are a few links to get you started. They’ve been floating around a while. I’ve actually … Continue reading

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Yay! New Beginnings!

In case you can’t see the sarcasm just┬ápouring down from that title, that was sarcasm. Now you know. I posted about this years goals, only to have it somehow delete itself. This was going to be a recreation of said … Continue reading

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I meant to post this yesterday, but due to resetting my OS, it remained stuffed in my draft file until I could return to the net. I’ve decided to post it despite having 2 posts scheduled for today. My apologize … Continue reading

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