Welcome To Will Write For Sushi

This blog is undergoing spring cleaning.
I expect this to be done somewhere around December 2013.

Will Write for Sushi is the personal blog of an aspiring writer. It is focused primarily on the written word. What I’ve written, what others have written, and how to write it, and what I use to write it.

I will include tips and tricks on writing that I have run across over the years, snippets of my own writing, and tutorials on how to use some of the software I love. Certainly there will be blog posts that do not fit neatly into one of these categories, however they will be the primary focus of the blog.

For more information on the various categories I use to update my blog, and how to navigate it in the way that is most convenient for you, please visit the Table Of Contents page.

I expect to update this blog one or two times a week, so make sure to check back frequently. Like what you’ve found at Will Write for Sushi? Feel free to subscribe via e-mail for updates. There is a widget to the right of this post for your convenience during your pursuit of said desires.